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  • 西洋棋C級教練

  • 西洋棋C級裁判


  • 2002 National Taiwan University Cup Chess Open High School Champion

  • 2003 Yelin Cup Chess Open Social Group Third Place

  • 2004 Yelin Cup Chess Open Social Group runner-up

  • 2006 Third place in the social group of the 5th National Taiwan University Cup                  National Chess Open

  • 2006 First National Youth Cup Chess Team Competition won the first place in the               junior middle school group

  • 2007 Second place in the open group of the 4th Cihui Cup National Chess Open

  • 2007 Olympic Chess Singapore World Youth Cup four-a-side national player

  • 2007 Chongguang Cup Chess Championship 18-year-old group third place

  • 2008 National Youth Cup Chess Open Open Championship

  • 2009 National Youth Cup Chess Team Championship High School Group Champion

  • 2009 Third place in the Open Group of the 3rd Asian Five Dragons International               Invitational Tournament

  • 2015 Cambridge Western Chess Club

  • 2016 Fuxing Middle School Chess Club

  • 2019 Filet

  • 2020 Filet

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